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Iris was one of the first people I met when moving to Houston and she has been invaluable to me and my work as I've set roots and grown. Iris is the founder of HoustonB2B Network and is a ROCK STAR with SEO and a person of influence in the Houston business community. She is well-connected and generous in assisting businesses to find their foothold and she does AMAZING work in digital marketing. She was the right person for me to get my website up and running and most importantly, spent time with me to get a focused message, allowing me to stand out.
                              - Thomas A. 
                                 Sales Director


I have had the pleasure of being a client of Iris's for the past year. She has helped me build a world class website, implement a LinkedIn prospecting strategy and develop an SEO strategy to get the name of my company in front of prospects. Iris is unique not only in her depth, but breadth of knowledge across the Marketing spectrum. If you don't have a marketing strategy, she will work with you to develop one. If you do have one, she will improve it's effectiveness and help you grow your business. Plus, she's fun to work with!

                        - Paul M.

                          Business Coach


Iris is a pioneer in Digital Marketing and has been at it before digital marketing was a thing. She has seen it all. In today's competitive business environment, and the increasing need to be online, you need someone with Iris' depth of knowledge and experience on your side. You cannot go wrong hiring Iris to take care of all your marketing needs.

                     - Beresford C.
                       Business Accounting


Iris assisted in marketing a seasonal promotion that had a tight time constraint and Iris delivered results that were above and beyond expectations. Iris is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Iris for all of your marketing strategy and implementation!

                 - James G



Iris is knowledgeable, goal oriented and persistent in making sure you will have an excellent website. We love our new website! It is modern, streamlined and fun to visit. Thanks Iris!

                      - Mike M.


Iris has been such a joy to work with. She has your best interest at heart and will not steer you wrong. Anyone can hire a cookie cutter or heck, you can do it yourself. But I am not a one size fits all product & service provider therefore, I needed a "marketing whisperer" to fulfill my vision and Iris has done just that. If you're looking to standout from the rest, go with "Dynamic Whisper Marketing".

                              - Patricia W.

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