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Local SEO Services for Houston Businesses?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Local SEO Services for Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio Businesses?

Whether you are SEO marketing a small business with one location or SEO marketing an enterprise business with 500+ locations, your company will come up on the first page of Google search results for each location.

Is your business located in Houston, but much of your business comes from Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio? Potential clients are likely searching for a business within a specific area and the best way to get their business is to reach out to them by using their city or town name. Some potential clients in small towns may use the name of the nearest larger town or city.

A local SEO digital agency will be able to get your business to show up on page 1 of Google results instead of on page 2. As far as we are concerned, if you are not on page 1, you probably are not going to reach many prospects.

Small business and enterprise SEO consultants should know all the tricks of the trade to localize your Google search results and propel your business to Google first-page status. Not only that, but they should be willing to work with you or your company’s marketing team to better understand your company and its current focuses or needs.

Local SEO Consulting for Your Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio Business

Local SEO marketing is all about getting your Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio business’s website to the first page of search results. An experienced SEO consultant will know how to achieve this goal in the shortest amount of time. No one wants to wait for months and months before seeing results.

An SEO marketing company will offer content writing services aimed specifically at elevating your company’s local online visibility. That is about 25% of the secret sauce they will be using. It is likely that 75% of their time will used to analyze hundreds of phrases, check out your competition, view results on Google, work on the backend of your website and more.

Your local SEO service should provide a list for you of a minimum of 50 (meaningful to your business) phrases that your business is showing up for on the first page of Google and encourage you to test them yourself using an incognito window on Google Chrome. There should be more and more phrases coming up monthly.

Some of the ways a business can improve its visibility are listed in the points below, but proper local SEO or any successful SEO (search engine optimization) is very time consuming and takes a great deal of experience.

· Do research with tools such as MOZ or Semrush to find phrases with low competition and a decent number of searches.

· Use “Google My Business”. Include one or two of the above phrases in the “Company” field of your settings with the name of your company.

· Encourage happy clients to leave a positive Google review.

· Reference your key cities and towns throughout your website.

· Use internal links on the key city and town names on your website.

Local SEO can be a DIY project, however, the amount of analysis and research that must go into finding the best key words and phrases to use will take a large chunk of time! Keeping up with Google’s constantly changing algorithms will probably prove to be overwhelming. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed, use an SEO consultation agency that is already familiar with how to implement local SEO marketing.

Side notes…

Check out the owner of the Local SEO Service. The best place to find “real” client reviews or recommendations for them is on LinkedIn.

Do you want to enable your local SEO service to be able to do the best job for you? Be available to them. Take their phone calls or return their calls. Reply to texts and emails. When they or a team member has an hour to spare, your business will be the one who gets much more SEO attention than what they are obligated to do to fulfil their contract with you! Communicating with them will enable them to know more about your business which will result in maximized results.

Local SEO is one of the many marketing solutions that we provide. To speak to our owner, Iris Salmins, call her now! 832-709-2581 extension 101.


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