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Did you know that the very first email was sent in 1971 (might be 1978, depending on your source reference) by Ray Tomlinson? That was the catalyst for today’s communication era. Years later, the first commercial email to a list of email addresses was sent by a Gary Thuerk, and email marketing was launched. Unfortunately, his claim to fame is the “Father of Spam.”

There’s no denying that there is a lot of spam email out there. But, guess what? That has not killed the effectiveness of email marketing services—when done correctly. Email marketing, in the light of social media advertising, still remains an effective marketing conversion tool.

A well crafted email message, sent at the right time, to the right audience does make a difference in whether or not your email marketing campaign will be successful.

With the cost of email marketing within reach of most small and mid-size Houston businesses, and partnered with a seasoned outsource email marketing strategist, an email marketing strategy will help you nurture leads, build brand loyalty, sell products, promote events, announce a sale or discount, and tell stories and share news about your business.

Outsourcing email marketing services is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy to prospects and clients. Effective targeted email marketing services will convert prospects into clients, and keep clients connected to your company thereby increasing their loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals for your services and products.

Effective, Permission-Based Outsourced Email Services Houston

Dynamic Whisper Marketing, Houston outsource marketing partner, will help you strategize an effective, unique email marketing campaign. The number one thing for a successful email campaign is to remember that you are a guest in your clients and prospects inbox.

With that said, an outline of steps for a successful campaign may look like this.

Get permission - there are many ways to generate leads and gain permission from clients and build your email audiences. Outsource marketing partner, Dynamic Whisper Marketing, will help you build your audience.

Follow up with relevant, great content - follow through with what you promised. Was it product updates, an email only once a week? Whatever it was, you need to know your audience preferences. Dynamic Whisper Marketing will help you set up your audiences according to preferences.

Know when and what message to send - This goes hand in hand with relevant content and consistency in emails. You want people to remember you, but not be annoyed with you. Some successful emails are a combination of product or industry updates, presented like a friendly memo. Your emails should be focused on strengthening the relationship between your brand and your client or potential client. Save the sales pitches like “Buy Now!” for unique offers, updates, and special product announcements.

Outsource Email Marketing Services Houston

Dynamic Whisper Marketing, a Houston outsource marketing company, marketing partners and coach, offers outsourced integrated marketing services for unique business development solutions and services. One of the great benefits of outsourcing your marketing to Dynamic Whisper is that we take the time to work with you on a marketing strategy specifically crafted to meet your business goals.

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